Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Available: 07/04/17
5.5 x 8 · 112 pages
Ages 7-10 years
CDN $13.99 · cl

 Canadian Title


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Terry Lynn Johnson

illustrated by Jani Orban

Stay calm. Stay smart. Survive.

In episode one of this high-stakes adventure series, eleven-year-old Travis and his family are on a whale-watching tour off the coast of Washington when disaster strikes. Suddenly, everyone is thrown overboard into the icy chaotic waves. Separated from their families and struggling to stay afloat, Travis and twelve-year-old Marina must survive the freezing water and find food and shelter on a barren island. Will they escape hypothermia and overcome their greatest fears in order to be rescued alive?

You will have a better chance of surviving a real-life cold-water disaster after reading this book!

Terry Lynn Johnson has lived in northern Ontario Canada for over forty years. She's a Conservation Officer with fifteen years' experience training in cold-water environments and first aid, and she's trained with the Canadian Coast Guard. Terry enjoys snowshoeing and dreaming up ways to survive the outdoors.  www.terrylynnjohnson.com



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