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Backyard Science & Discovery Workbook: Pacific Northwest

Fun Activities & Experiments That Get Kids Outdoors


Adventure Publications
Available: 07/02/21
8.25 x 10.75 · 146 pages
Ages 6-12 years
CDN $22.50 · pb

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Robert Niese

Introduce children to nature in the Pacific Northwest through fun activities and hands-on science projects.With a wide range of habitats, plants, and animals, the Pacific Northwest is a wonderful region for getting outside and discovering nature. There is so much to see and appreciate - even in your backyard or at a nearby park. Teach your children to love and protect the great outdoors.This workbook by naturalist Dr. Robert Niese features more than 20 simple, fun introductions to astronomy, birds, geology, and more. Plus, over a dozen activities help kids to make hypotheses, experiment, and observe. The 19 hands-on science projects - such as raising native caterpillars, making mushroom spore prints, and attracting moths with an ultraviolet light - put students in control of their own learning!You never know what your children will uncover in their outdoor classroom. Every day is a little treasure hunt. If they keep good records and share what they find, their observations can even help scientists learn more about nature in the states of Oregon and Washington. So get the Backyard Science & Discovery Workbook: Pacific Northwest, and get started on a lifetime of discovery.

Dr. Robert Niese is a lifelong nature nut. He has been collecting and identifying plants, animals, fungi, rocks, and fossils ever since he was a child, exploring California's diverse habitats. As an undergraduate at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington, his hobbies became invaluable skills; he was hired by the Slater Museum of Natural History to write and implement science curricula for hundreds of elementary school classrooms throughout western Washington. In 2013,Robert took his enthusiasm and expertise for Pacific Northwest flora and fauna to Montana, where he received his Ph.D. in comparative vertebrate anatomy. In his free time, he wrote nature journal entries for his blog, NorthwestNaturalist, which has thousands of followers. Today, Robert continues to teach college students about mammals, plants, birds, and bones, both in the Pacific Northwest and in Costa Rica, where he is an instructor for study-abroad courses.