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User ID and passwords are available for individuals and companies who have accounts with Raincoast Books. If you have an account with Raincoast and would like to register for a User ID and password, please contact us at Customer Service.

Access Online Ordering
If you would like to order online, please contact Customer Service.

Don’t have an account with Raincoast?
To set up an account, please fill out a credit application form and return it to us by fax 604-270-7161 or toll-free to 1-800-565-3770.
Download PDF credit application form.

Troubleshooting: What if my computer doesn't remember my ID & Password?
The most likely reason that your computer does not remember your login information is your browser's security and privacy preferences.

If you experience difficulties with "Remember my ID & Password," please make sure your browser's maximum settings for security are set at "Medium" and for privacy are set at "Medium High."

Each browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.) is slightly different, but these options are usually under Edit -> Preferences -> Security Zones (or Security & Privacy).

Other Access Problems
Ensure your browser preferences are set to accept cookies, that Javascript is enabled and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol is enabled.
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Once logged in, you can search and view the details of your account, orders, shipments and returns.

Recent Orders: Search for orders placed within the last 6 months.
Open Orders: Search for any unshipped orders.
Latest Shipments: Search for the details on shipments within the last 50 invoices.
Returns: Search for details on returned stock.

My Account details include search functions by ISBN, PO number and location. If you don't know the ISBN, you can search by Title or Author by clicking on the magnifying glass icon.

TIPS: Search parameters can be changed to show results within the past 6 months (default is 2 months) or last 50 invoices (default is last 5).
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Customers with access to online ordering have a different set of menu options including “My Order” and “Quick Order”. You can order by searching for the title and clicking the “Add to My Order” button or by using the “Quick Order” form. Complete your transaction by going to “My Order”.

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There are two search functions: Quick-Search (found in the top right-hand corner) and Advanced Search (found in the menu bar).

Search for Title, Author or ISBN in Quick-Search or Advanced Search.
You must use complete words and/or ISBNs.

For example, to find by TITLE “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,” enter any variation of the title using complete words:
– order of the phoenix
– order phoenix
– phoenix

In Advanced Search, you can also search by
- Publisher
- Subject (architecture, fiction, cooking, etc.)
- Division (Raincoast, PGC, BookExpress or All)
- Category (Titles Currently Listed, Frontlist or Backlist, or All Titles, including titles that are out of print or no Canadian rights).
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If no records are found when a complete title or author name is entered, try whole words from part of the title or the author’s last name. i.e., for “The Big Book of John Deere Tractors,” try “Deere Tractors” or “John Deere.”

For example, J.K. Rowling results are best found if searched by “rowling.”
“j.k. rowling,” “jk rowling” and other variations do not produce full results.

Further Advanced Search Tips are available in the Search screen. Or by
clicking here.
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Remember my password: When you sign in using your Raincoast ID and password, you have the option of checking the box "Remember My ID & Password." Your browser then can remember this information by using a cookie. If you check the box, you won't have to sign in each time you come back. (Although we may ask you to re-enter your password if you've been away from the computer for too long.)

Do not check the "Remember my ID & Password" box if the following apply to you:
If you are concerned that other people might accidentally see your personalized account and order information, do not check the "Remember my ID & Password" box. Be sure to close your browser or click "Logout" when you leave your computer. This will ensure that you will be asked for your ID and password the next time you access Raincoast Business Services.

If you use a shared computer (in a store, Internet cafe, library, or other common area), DO NOT check the "Remember my ID & Password" checkbox.

What if I check the box then change my mind later?
You can always sign out of Raincoast Business Services at any time by clicking the "Logout" link at the top of each page. Once you've signed out, you can sign in again and choose whether you want your browser to remember your Login ID and password.
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For users with My Account access, "My Profile" allows you to adjust the frequency with which you are prompted for your password.
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View the BookExpress Online catalogue by using Advanced Search or by using the PDF files from the BookExpress section of this site.

Tips using PDF files:
- Go to BookExpress main page.
- Right-click to download the appropriate PDF file.
- Choose "Save Target As" or "Save to Desktop" to download the file.
- Stay logged into the Business Services website.
- Open the PDF file on your desktop.
- To order, click on the title links in the PDF document. The corresponding page on the Business Services site will appear. Enter your order quantity and return to the PDF.

See BookExpress Help for full instructions.

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