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Turtles All the Way Down (signed edition)
Green, John
Golden House, The
Rushdie, Salman


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BookExpress, the wholesale division of Raincoast Books, is your one-stop source for everything under the sun from children's classics to movie blockbuster tie-ins, graphic novels to cookbooks, automotive consumer guides to award-winning fiction. Stocking 4,000 titles from over 60 publishers, BookExpress has what you want, when you want it.

Top 20 Bestsellers
  1. American Marriage, An
Jones, Tayari
  2. Trumpocracy
Frum, David
  3. 12 Rules for Life
Peterson, Jordan B.
  4. Rule of Stephens, The
Taylor, Timothy
  5. Woman in the Window
Finn, A.J.
  6. Sapiens
Harari, Yuvai Noah
  7. Forgiveness
Sakamoto, Mark
  8. Precious Cargo
Davidson, Craig
  9. Homo Deus
Harari, Yuval Noah
  10. Thug Kitchen Cookbook, The
Thug Kitchen
  11. War of the Blink
Yahgulanaas, Michael Nicoll
  12. Lincoln in the Bardo
Saunders, George
  13. Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, The
Manson, Mark
  14. Pachinko
Lee, Min Jin
  15. American War
El Akkad, Omar
  16. Boat People, The
Bala, Sharon
  17. Grave's a Fine & Private Place, The
Bradley, Alan
  18. Milk & Honey
Kaur, Rupi
  19. Mythos
Fry, Stephen
  20. All We Leave Behind
Off, Carol
Top 20 Children's Books
  1. Marrow Thieves, The
Dimaline, Cherie
  2. Here We Are
Jeffers, Oliver
  3. Good Night World
  4. I'm Dreaming of....
Gleeson-Lyall, Melanie
  5. Phoebe & Her Unicorn
Simpson, Dana
  6. Dog Man # 4: Dog Man & Cat Kid
Pilkey, Dav
  7. Uni the Unicorn
Rosenthal, Amy Krause
  8. My Heart Fills with Happiness
Smith, Monique Gray
  9. In My Heart
Witek, Jo ; Roussey, Christine
  10. Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea
Clanton, Ben
  11. Rest, Play, Grow
MacNamara, Deborah
  12. #NotYourPrincess
Charleyboy & Leatherdale
  13. Love You Forever
Munsch, Robert ; McGraw, Sheila
  14. Sometimes I Feel Like a Fox
Daniel, Danielle
  15. Tempests & Slaughter
Pierce, Tamora
  16. Good Night Vancouver
Adams & Rosen
  17. I Am Peace
Verde, Susan
  18. Word Collector, The
Reynolds, Peter H.
  19. Love
de la Pena, Matt ; Long, Loren
  20. Breadwinner: The Graphic Novel
Ellis, Deborah

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