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A Day So Gray


Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Available: 10/29/19
8.31 x 10.11 · 32 pages
Ages 4-7 years
CDN $25.50 · cl
Hardcover Picture Book

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Marie Lamba

illustrated by Alea Marley

Once you start to notice, colors and reasons for gratitude are everywhere, and that changes everything! Celebrate the hues and comforts of a cozy winter day as a discontented girl at first notices only dull grays and browns in a snowy landscape but is coaxed by her friend to look more closely. Soon she finds orange berries, blue water, purple shadows, and more. Warm friendship and a fresh way of seeing things transform a snow-covered landscape from bleak to beautiful!

Marie Lamba is co-author of the picture book Green Green: A Community Gardening Story, and author of the YA novels What I Meant. . . , Over My Head, and Drawn . She is also a literary agent, and she lives in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.
Twitter: @marielamba
Instagram: @marie.lamba Alea Marley is the illustrator of Henry Without Liza and A Day so Gray, among others. She lives in the UK.
Twitter: @aleazui
Instagram: @aleazui