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Let Me Tell You My Story

Refugee Stories of Hope, Courage, and Humanity


Available: 11/20/18
8.25 x 10.29 · 232 pages
CDN $49.99 · cl

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Their Story Is Our Story

Over the course of two years, a group of award-winning photographers, filmmakers, painters, and writers trailed and documented the flood of refugees pouring into the West from the Middle East and Africa, recording the refugees' firsthand accounts of who they are and what made them refugees. Spare, haunting, utterly magnificent, and profoundly human, this inspiring collection creates a portrait of the greatest humanitarian crisis of modern history. From the pregnant mother in the dusty warehouse-turned-refugee-camp in Greece to the emaciated child in a mud-filled tent in Bangladesh to the lone Sudanese crouched under an overpass in Italy - the people inside this remarkable volume of exquisite photography and stories of resilience will teach you that the surest way to draw humans together begins with the words I want to tell you my story . . ."


TSOS uses art to shape international dialogue about refugees, with the intent to better the situation of refugees worldwide. We help refugees to tell their stories in a way that is intimate and emotionally authentic.