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1st Edition


Lonely Planet
Available: 03/01/10
5.27 x 7.86 · 400 pages
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Fionn Davenport

Experience The Best of Ireland. Highlights reveal the must-see attractions and unbeatable experiences. Itineraries organized by region, theme and length of trip. Local Experts recommend what not to miss. Easy-To-Use Tools make planning your trip simpler than ever, no matter what your budget.

Fionn was born in and spent most of his youth in Dublin, that is when his family wasn't moving him to Buenos Aires or Geneva or New York. Infected with the travel disease, he became a nomad in his own right after graduating from Trinity College, moving first to Paris and then to New York, where he spent five years as a travel editor and sometime writer. The call of home was too much to resist, however, so armed with his portable computer, his record collection and an empty wallet he returned to Dublin where he decided to continue where he left off in New York City. When he's not drinking in pubs and clubs throughout the city he's writing and updated travel guides. He has written about many destinations throughout the world, and worked on Spain and Dublin for Lonely Planet.