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Who Owns These Bones?


Laurence King
Available: 07/10/18
10 x 13.25 · 40 pages
Ages 7-11
CDN $31.99 · cl

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Henri Cap, Raphael Martin and Renaud Vigourt

Welcome to the secret world of skeletons! From the largest elephant to the smallest mouse, each animal is different, and that goes for their bones, too!

Meet a whole host of amazing skeletons and learn about what makes each one unique, from how to tell a gorilla from a human, to how to recognize a turtle just from its skull.

Lift the flaps to discover each skeleton's animal owner, and find out amazing anatomy facts along the way! Can you work out Who Owns These Bones?

Henri Cap has a doctorate in Ethology, the study of animal behaviour. As the resident zoologist at the museum of Toulouse, he designed the wall of skeletons in active positions, and in Slovenia, he was the first to successfully equip a wild brown bear with a camera. He has authored a dozen scientific texts, and currently teaches animal biology at the Jean-Francois Champollion university of Albi, and the evolution of animal behaviour at the Paul Sabatier university of Toulouse. He livesin Larra.

Raphael Martin was born in 1974, in Tassin la Demi-Lune. He studied political science and karate. Author and editor, he lives in Toulouse where he writes for children and adults alike.

Renaud Vigourt lives and works in Besancon. His time is shared between his work in press and editing, his research in drawing and silkscreen techniques, his family and skateboarding. He is also one of the founding members of the Supersenor workshop, an association based in Besancon that promotes self-publishing and artisanal printing