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CHINESE a language map


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Available: 10/28/14
6.94 x 9.68 · 10 pages
CDN $14.95 · pb

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Kristine K. Kershul

"CHINESE a language map" is a traveler’s dream come true! With hundreds of words and phrases at your fingertips, you’ll find exactly what you need at a glance. Ordering "chà," visiting the Great Wall and shopping for amazing bargains are thrilling when you can speak Chinese!

Now with a new section, “Phone, Mail and Internet,” you’ll have the words for laptop, tablet, SIM card and more. You won't miss a beat sharing your stories online with friends and family. Finding an internet café, free wifi, or an adapter for your mobile devices is so much easier. Make this language guide your travel companion — take it everywhere you go and all your language needs are covered!

**Hundreds of words and phrases you’ll need most.

**Divided into key categories such as Asking Questions, Dining Out, Meeting People, Shopping, Telephone, Internet, Sightseeing, Transportation and much more.

**Unique snap-open and fold design.

**Pronunciation is easy with simple phonetics.

**Ultra-thin (barely 1/8” thick) and light-weight (under two ounces).

**Laminated for durability.

**Folds up like a map to slip easily into your pocket or bag.

**Full color, original artwork.

**Mandarin Chinese for English speakers.

**Mandarin Chinese is spoken in China, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan. Mandarin Chinese is classified as an essential, if not official, language in Hong Kong as well as Macau.

I was so excited when I found this clever product. I was looking for something helpful, portable, and durable, and "CHINESE a language map" fit the bill!
~ Customer, United States

I really like this product because in just a handy map-sized phrase guide, I have access to a lot of words and their phonetics.
~ DR, United States

It folds out like a road map and displays essential Chinese words in an easy-to-find, easy-to-use format. No flipping through tiny phrase book pages in frustration!
~ Customer, United States

It is an awesome little tool for travel. I find it to be more friendly and concise than traditional phrasebooks.
~ AA, United States

The illustrations (based on real Chinese attractions) and the first 100 numbers (with their Chinese characters) are a very nice touch.
~ MJ, Italy

I love these Language Maps and have them for Chinese, Japanese, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Vietnamese and Arabic. There is a Language Map for almost every trip.
~ Customer, Italy

Kristine K. Kershul blends her experience as a teacher, world traveler and language scholar to create a playful, innovative way to learn and use a new language.

Teacher: As an expert linguist, Kristine spent ten years teaching German at universities in the United States and in Europe.

World Traveler: An adventurous spirit, Kristine has explored more than 100 countries, from Bhutan to Zimbabwe, and almost every exotic locale in between. She understands the problems that all travelers encounter, regardless of which country they are visiting. She knows first-hand how languages can open doors to new adventures, new friends and different cultures.

Language Scholar: Kristine completed her undergraduate and graduate studies while living in Heidelberg, Germany. She then received a second Master's Degree from the University of California in Santa Barbara and subsequently, did her Doctoral studies in Medieval German Languages and Literature. In addition to German, she also speaks a number of other languages ranging from Arabic to Swahili.

A Colorful Background: Kristine's fascination for languages began as a child growing up in a tri-lingual household in Oregon, where Croatian, Danish and English were spoken.

Kristine's natural gift for languages opened doors outside the academic world. She worked as a bilingual travel guide in Europe and later, as a translator at the U.S. Embassy in Germany.

On A Personal Note: Kristine's passion for travel, foreign languages and new cultures continues to take her around the world. One never knows where she'll venture to next - Namibia, Laos or Guyana. Kristine is a licensed pilot, a certified diver and an avid downhill skier. She enjoys competitive horseback riding and playing the piano. She makes her home in both Seattle, Washington and in Cape Town, South Africa.