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FRENCH in 10 minutes a day AUDIO CD


Bilingual Books
Available: 09/02/05
8.82 x 11.24
CDN $87.95 · bm

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Kristine K. Kershul

Native French speakers guide you through the sounds of the French language as you learn how to order at a bistro, ask directions to your hotel, or carry on a conversation in French. It's easy because you're practicing right along with your guides. Includes French in 10 Minutes a Day book, and six CDs in a handy wallet.

Also available from Bilingual Books: French a Language Map, French in 10 Minutes a Day with CD-ROM, French in 10 Minutes a Day Audio CD Wallet and French in 10 Minutes a Day Audio CD Wallet Library Edition.

Since 1981, Bilingual Books, Inc. (Seattle) has sold millions of copies of its highly acclaimed products. The first title published was German in 10 Minutes a Day; now the company is the leader in foreign language publishing, with more than 40 titles in 20 languages.