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Run Salmon Run


Page Two Books, Inc.
Available: 04/07/20
10.09 x 10.31 · 34 pages
Ages 4-7 years
CDN $21.99 · cl

 Canadian Title

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Bobs & LoLo

illustrated by Lori Joy Smith

" Run salmon run, beneath the moon and sun. The salmon story circles, run salmon run. "

Dive into the world of salmon in this lyrically written and beautifully illustrated children's book. The story follows the journey of the Pacific Salmon from stream to sea and back again through all the life stages: egg, alevin, fry, smolt, adult

Run Salmon Run complements curriculum objectives for early primary levels in the areas of ecosystem, habitat and life cycle. Additional materials available to support learning in Run Salmon Run include a companion song, music video and iOS interactive App under the same title

Follow the journey of the Pacific Salmon from stream to sea and back again through thoughtfully written narrative by award-winning children's songwriters Bobs & LoLo and enjoy vibrant and engaging visuals by illustrator Lori Joy Smith.

Bobs & LoLo are five-time JUNO Award nominated singer-songwriters as well as the creators and stars of two upbeat, musical preschool TV and VOD series, Sing, Dance and Play and Action Packed. Robyn Hardy (Bobs) and Lorraine Pond (LoLo) first met at a summer camp on Vancouver Island. Growing up together, they have always shared a love of the natural world and a passion for working with children. Creating Bobs & LoLo has allowed them to combine their diverse academic backgrounds with a mutual love of teaching and the creative arts. Alongside the adoration of the young and the young at heart, Bobs & LoLo have received critical acclaim from the likes of the Parents’ Choice Foundation, Western Canadian Music Alliance, the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada and the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.

Robyn (Bobs) is an enthusiastic and caring individual with a passion for conservation education. She holds a Bachelor of Education from the University of British Columbia and a Bachelor of Arts, Honors Degree in Linguistics from the University of Victoria. Her diverse academic background alongside a childhood filled with music and dance, lent itself perfectly in her transition from educator to entertainer. During her time away from the stage, she can often be found with her husband and two young children in the mountains or at the beach in North Vancouver, BC.

Lorraine (LoLo) is an energetic performer with a flare for creating connections between young audiences and the natural world. She completed her undergraduate degree with a specialization in Exercise Science from the School of Human Kinetics at the University of British Columbia. Following graduation, Lorraine accepted a position as an environmental educator with the Vancouver Aquarium, which sparked her interest in developing nature programs for young families. When she’s not performing, Lorraine enjoys spending time with her busy family of five in Vancouver’s beautiful parks and playgrounds.

Lori Joy Smith (Illustrator) credits weekly trips to the local children's library with her father for sparking an early love for reading and children's books. As a teenager she lived in Italy and visited some of the most beautiful museums in Europe, which left her wanting nothing more than to make art. Now she puts these two loves together everyday, working as an artist and illustrator.