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The Ultimate Book of Planet Earth


Available: 08/27/19
10.13 x 13.25 · 18 pages
Ages 5-8 years
CDN $32.99 · cl

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Anne-Sophie Baumann

illustrated by Didier Balicevic

Learn all about our planet's geology, geography, atmosphere, weather, and more: Magma erupts from a volcano, turbines harness the power of wind. . . Best of all, lots of flaps, popups, pull-tabs, and rotating wheels bring mountain ranges, continents, and oceans to life. Readers will see all the layers of the earth, learn how water flows from mountains to rivers to oceans, and understand our climate and weather patterns. Any child who has interested in nature and science will adore this extraordinary look at the world around us.

• Supersized spreads feature marvelously detailed illustrations that just beg to be pored over again and again
• More than 45 interactive flaps, tabs, and more to keep kids engaged
• A captivating adventure that brings our planet and the magic of books to life in young minds

Fans of How Things Work will also enjoy the stunning details and interactive fun of The Ultimate Book of Planet Earth .
• Great family read-aloud book
• Books for kids ages 5-8
• Science books for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school children

Anne-Sophie Baumann studied science and literature before becoming an editor and author. She lives near Paris, France.

Didier Balicevic studied at ecole des Arts Decoratifs in Strasbourg.He lives near Paris, where he works in publishing.