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Kitchen Confidant

An Indispensable Guide for the Baker, Drinker, and Cook (Classic Cookbooks, Easy Cookbooks, Gifts for Mom)


Chronicle Books
Available: 02/27/18
5.88 x 8.57 · 96 pages
CDN $19.95 · pb

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Chronicle Books

This handy reference is the perfect partner for anyone who loves to bake, cook, or whip up a cocktail. Armed with the wealth of helpful reference material in this invaluable guide-including weight-to-volume conversions, the basics of stocking a baker's tool kit, tips on where to store things in the fridge, and more-home cooks will learn to be more confident, competent, and efficient in the kitchen. Featuring separate color-coded sections (for baking, drinking, and cooking), a convenientribbon marker to keep track of important information, and a bright exposed binding to make a statement on any shelf, this is a go-to resource for both seasoned chefs and new cooks.