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Journey to Atlantis


Ronsdale Press
Available: 08/15/09
7.63 x 5.25 · 224 pages
CDN $12.95 · pb

 Canadian Title

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Philip Roy

In this sequel to the prize-winning young adult novel Submarine Outlaw, the sea of myth and legends beckons young Alfred once again, and the intrepid young explorer answers the call. With his loyal crew of a dog and a seagull by his side, Alfred sails across the Atlantic in his homemade submarine and enters the Mediterranean in search of the fabled lost island of Atlantis. Ziegfried, genius and master builder of the sub, cautions Alfred to be careful and practical. Yet Sheba, friend and island enchantress, whispers to Alfred: "Trust your feelings." Indeed, Alfred must trust his premonitions many times on this ambitious and far-reaching adventure. From a daring rescue of drowning fishermen, to a skirmish between the Canadian coastguard and Spanish fishing trawlers; from escaping an exploding WWII sea mine, to colliding with a submerged container filled with toys; from turning the chase on bumbling pirates, to an unscheduled camel trek into the Sahara, Alfred's submarine voyage brings him closer and closer to the legendary island until one moonless night he finds himself a little too close for comfort.

"Philip Roy's confident, refreshing Journey to Atlantis avoids the tendency now to write such stories as complicated grand narratives set in magical secondary worlds, and provides a lean, linear, episodic tale [that] has an odd credibility about it, and appealing characters: as for whether it is a ‘boys' book,' it seems more a mostly male world that doesn't preclude female participation or readership." - Canadian Literature

"An excellent read that takes no time at all; you will not want to put Journey to Atlantis down as the action pulls you forward through the Atlantic Ocean. If you're looking for an underwater adventure that completely delivers, Journey to Atlantis is definitely worth the read." - What If? Magazine

"Philip Roy presents another exciting adventure story. . . . Roy covers a neatly fused set of events and topics in an informative and non-didactic way. Journey to Atlantis would be useful in the classroom, especially when read along with a geography or social studies unit on modern ocean travel, the Mediterranean area, or ancient Minoan society. Beyond its practical applications, Journey to Atlantis is really interesting!" - CM Magazine

"This novel will appeal to students who are interested in the history of Atlantis, or who are interested in nautical adventures." - Resource Links

"Roy has crafted an adventure tale that readers will relish. . . . It is an altogether charming read that will capture the imagination of any young reader who has ever dreamt of exploring the world." - Atlantic Books Today

"Confident, refreshing . . . compelling . . . echoing the myths and legends, knowledge of seafaring and sea lore. Like Treasure Island‘s Jim, Alfred is old enough to pursue his quest . . . young enough to retain a sense of wonder . . . it has an odd credibility about it, and appealing characters. Philip Roy . . . embraces a more comprehensive definition, resulting in another fabulously rich tale of adventure." - Canadian Literature

"Journey to Atlantis kept me biting my nails as Al and his crew of dog and seagull tackled peril after peril. Al's a rare thing these days, an intelligent hero driven by intellectual curiosity, a courageous hero in the face of both physical danger and ethical choices, a hero we'd all want to be. The story plunges from one tense moment to another yet still has time for fun, for thoughtfulness, and for wonder at the world above and below the sea." - K. V. Johansen, author of The Warlocks of Talverdin

Philip Roy lives in Durham, Ontario, with his family and their 17-year-old cat. Continuing to write adventurous and historical young adult novels focusing on social, environmental, and global concerns, Philip is also delighted to be embarking upon Mouse Pet, his third book in the "Happy the Pocket Mouse" series (illustrated by Andrea Torrey Balsara), due out in the fall of 2015, as well as Stealth of the Ninja, his eighth volume of the "Submarine Outlaw" series, set in Japan (Ronsdale Press). Along with writing, travelling, running, composing music and crafting folk art out of recycled materials, Philip spends his time with his growing family. Visit Philip at www.philiproy.ca.