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No Reading Allowed

The WORST Read-Aloud Book Ever


Available: 11/10/20
8.72 x 11.25 · 48 pages
Ages 4-8 years
CDN $26.99 · cl
Picture book

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Raj Haldar and Chris Carpenter

illustrated by Bryce Gladfelter

A new, hilarious picture book for kids from the #1 New York Times bestselling authors of P IS FOR PTERODACTYL!
What makes this picture book for kids be THE WORST read aloud book ever? Try reading these sentences aloud:
The mummy prepared farro for dinner.
The mummy prepared pharaoh for dinner.
Sounds the same, right? Butthey're totally different! Kids will laugh at the irreverent, super silly humor and witty illustrations that provide context clues and help explain the outrageous sentences. While kids are cracking up at you repeating yourself, they also will be learning about homonyms and homophones! There's also a glossary to help explain the sound-alike words.
This hysterical book for kids is sure to delight parents, teachers, and anyone who loves to laugh at the absurdity of the English language.
Thosewho love wordplay are the natural constituency for  No Reading Allowed: The Worst Read-Aloud Book Ever, a picture book that's bright with comic scenes. . . [and] brilliant pairings of picture and word (and word with word)." - The Wall Street Journal
"If you're a logophile (=word nerd), grammar geek, or a bookworm, and especially, if you're a teacher or homeschooler, snag a copy of  No Reading Allowed  foryourself and a friend. This will be a hot holiday gift for us word nerd folks!" - Imagination Soup

Raj Haldar is the author of the #1 New York Times Bestselling picture book, P is for Pterodactyl: The Worst Alphabet Book Ever . But, for close to a decade, he has been better known as Lushlife, the rapper, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. In that time, he's amassed a fervent global fanbase and released award-winning viral music videos that highlight his erudite lyrics. The Sunday New York Times describes his work as"an intoxicating mix of captivating rhymes with audacious, gorgeous production." So it should come as no surprise that Haldar has made the leap into the world of children's literature. His latest book entitled, This Book is Banned gives young readers a lighthearted entrypoint to begin understanding the dangers of book banning and censorship. His work has been featured by The Washington Post, Interview Magazine, VICE, Pitchfork, Village Voice, Mental Floss, BBC, SPIN and more!
Raj currently lives on the Upper West Side of Manhattan with his wife and two young daughters.
> Chris Carpenter is a software developer for a tech startup in New York.
An adventurer at heart, Bryce Gladfelter honed his skills in the arts during hours spent drawing on trains and buses, people watching in markets, and wandering the natural world. Bryce's illustrations are featured in magazines and product labels around the US. He currently resides in Philadelphia, PA.